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Wire & Accessories

UL3134 600V 150íŠ

UL3133 600V 150íŠ

UL3132 300V 150íŠ

UL3130 300V 150íŠ

UL1332 300V 200íŠ

UL1331 600V 150íŠ

UL1330 600V 200íŠ

UL1199 600V 200íŠ

UL3265 150V 125íŠ

UL3196 600V 125íŠ

UL3195 600V 125íŠ

UL3194 300V 75íŠ

UL5335 600V 450íŠ

UL5128 300V 450íŠ

UL5107 600V 450íŠ


IEC 60245 300/500V 180íŠ

VDE8298 300/300V 250íŠ

VDE8207 300/300V 180íŠ

VDEH05S-K 450/750V 180íŠ

Open Type Corrugated Pipe

Seal Type Corrugated Pipe


PET Heat Shrink Braided sleeve

Expandable Sleeving


1.5KV Fiberglass Sleeving Coated Silicone Resin

1.2KV Fiberglass Sleeving Coated Silicone Resin


PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Double insulation tubing


Soft adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tube (2:1)

Halogen free flame-retardant heat shrink tube


FEP Tube



PVC heat shrink tube

PVC Tube


Silicone Rubber Reinforced Tube

Silicone Rubber Tube


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